Poverty In New York

New York’s poverty rate has climbed to 15.1% according to the American Community Survey (2009-2011 three year estimates).

  • While New York has the 25th highest poverty rate in the United States, in actual number of individuals living in poverty, New York ranks fourth. 
  • Females, people of color and children continue to be at higher risk of poverty. 
  •  37.6% of female-headed households with children live in poverty in New York State. 
  • Median income for a male with a high school diploma exceeds that of a female with a high school diploma an average of $10,000, with nearly double that difference in some counties.
  • Poverty disproportionately impacts people of color— 25.8% of Latinos and 23.0% of African Americans live in poverty compared to 10.9% of White New Yorkers.
  • Child poverty rates in upstate cities continue to climb – approximately half of children living in Buffalo (46.6%), Rochester (50.4%) and Syracuse (49.0) live below the poverty line.

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