McGowan Awards $50,000 to Pro Action of Steuben and Yates, Inc.

Press Release 8/28/2014 Penn Yan, NY-The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund has graciously awarded a $50,000 grant to Pro Action of Steuben and Yates, Inc. for two programs.  Marianne Brand, McGowan Charitable Fund Board Director shares, “McGowan Charitable Fund is honored to be able to help such amazing programs.  The tragedy of the flood that hit our community with such devastation also showed the fantastic capacity of this community to come together in its efforts of clean up and support”.

The Pro Action CHAMP Yates County Flood Relief program has been awarded $25,000 to provide small grants to individuals and families to assist in replacing personal belongings and other needs unmet by other sources, including school clothes.

More details and the one page application is available on line at:

The Poverty Simulation program has been awarded $25,000 and will educate our communities about poverty.   “I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Poverty Simulation held in Yates County in May 2014.  It was not only an eye opening experience, it deeply touched my soul.  I am now rejuvenated at a deeper level to help those who are disadvantaged”, Marianne Brand, McGowan Charitable Fund Board Director says.

The poverty rate in Steuben County is 16.2%; over 5,600 children (25.2%) in Steuben County live in poverty. 48% of public school children in Steuben County are eligible for free or reduced lunch. The poverty rate in Yates County is 16.4%; over 1,500 children (25.7%) in Yates County live in poverty. Over half of Yates County public school children are eligible for free or reduced lunch.   A Poverty Simulation is a realistic portrayal of living in a low income household for one month. Participants face the challenges that millions of Americans face as they attempt to keep their home safe, the utilities on, their medications current, their kids in school and fed. The simulation helps participants understand that poverty is about a lack of resources such as support systems, positive relationships, and role models, having the mental abilities and acquired skills to deal effectively with everyday life. Insight gained by participants will help them understand the choices poverty forces, and will help them respond to people in poverty.   Pro Action of Steuben and Yates plans to focus on offering simulations to Steuben and Yates County school districts.  Poverty Simulations are already scheduled for Penn Yan School District and Hammondsport Central School District as a staff development opportunity.   For more questions on CHAMP Yates County Flood Relief, email or call 315-536-5515.  For more information on Poverty Simulations, email or call 315-536-5515.