Poverty’s Impact on Health

Have you ever had to choose between going to a doctor or getting a prescription filled and buying food/ paying rent? Has your lack of access to health care ever caused you to lose a job? How do you feel about the new Affordable Care Act? Join the discussion!

6 comments on “Poverty’s Impact on Health
  1. Trying to help says:

    Healthy living has been a luxury of the upper and middle class in many communities. When people have to work 50 or 60 hours to make ends meet, use public transportation adding hours to their work week… how do you encourage them to spend the time to cook from scratch, get exercise, focus on their physical and mental health?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There has been much that is frustrating about the Affordable Care Act’s scope and implementation but it is so important that we articulate a belief that access to basic health care is a fundamental right for everyone in this nation. And it is more than a moral imperative, it is a fiscal imperative since access to quality, early and preventative health care saves money and lives.

  3. Trying to help says:

    while it is a moral and fiscal imperative that all Americans have the option of a healthy lifestyle, including health care, we also have to make it feasible for low income households to be able to prioritize these aspects of their lives – time and transportation can be as much an issue as money

  4. Jane says:

    Recently while completing an intake with a client, asked if the household received food stamps, client stated no, she was given the choice of food stamps or health insurance. Food stamps would be considered part of her income and put her over income for medicaid. She told me her and her husband looked into the obamacare and felt they could not afford it. So the family choice to have medicaid.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday at the tour stop in Newburgh, a woman spoke about the connection between mental health issues and poverty. Her statistics were startling – people living in poverty have a much greater likelihood to be suffering from mental illness. Housing First is a terrific model, but we must also make a top priority of mental health!

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