Food Security

Do you have access to a place to cook, pots and pans and other tools needed for cooking, a refrigerator and safe place to store food? Do you know how to cook? Can you afford to buy the food you need to feed your family the way you want to? Do your kids get school lunches?  If so,  do you know what is included in the lunch usually? Have you ever used a pantry to have enough food to get through the week/month?


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4 comments on “Food Security
  1. Targeting Hunger says:

    For several years I worked with low income families on issues of food security and found that the younger the kids, the more open they were to trying healthy foods, and the parents were more reluctant to try many of the fresh fruits and vegetable the kids loved. Sometimes I think that this was because the parents thought that it would be too expensive to add these items to their weekly grocery list – so they didn’t want to even get a taste. How do we tackle this on two fronts at once – get people to expand their tastes and try new, healthy foods while at the same time making it more affordable to access those foods?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps if we did not subsidize corn-based products and instead subsidized fruits and vegetables so they were truly affordable for low income people, more adults and children would try and learn to like healthy food. And children in every school, from every socio-economic background, should be entitled to a free, healthy breakfast and lunch.

  3. Target Hunger says:

    Free breakfast and lunch needs to be delivered in a way that doesn’t ostracize participants for being poor… and those meals need to be good – good tasting and of good nutritional content. These are big hurdles that CAN be overcome, but it takes creativity and money.

  4. Target Hunger says:

    As we are getting close to growing season in much of New York State, now is the time to grow an extra row for your local pantry, senior center or other congregate meal site. Check in now and see what they would appreciate!

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