Be Heard

The following is a summary of the NYSCAA’s 2013 Public Policy Priorities.

Make your voice heard! Contact your legislators and tell them what is important to you and your local community action agency.

Support for an Increase in the Minimum Wage and Indexing it to Inflation

The New York Community Action Association supports the passage of legislation to increase the minimum wage in New York State to at least $8.75 an hour and to index it to inflation.

Support for Funding for Quality Child Care for Low Income and Working Families

The New York State Community Action Association urges the state to increase funding for child care subsidies for low income working families.  A restoration to the 2010-2011 level of $92,000 million will provide child care to nearly 13,000 working families. A waiver of the requirement that single mothers with infants work would make possible a shift of approximately $16 million to preserve and create child care slots for low income working families.

Support for the Development of Affordable Housing

As advocates for low income people and providers of housing and case management and support services, the New York State Community Action Association and member agencies urge New York State to increase the availability of safe, affordable housing in urban rural communities and to provide resources to expand the availability of supported housing for low income people.

Support for Transportation Services and Resources

The New York State Community Action Association urges the state to provide funding to support reliable mass and public transportation and to support programs and strategies to provide reliable transportation for low income workers in rural communities who need transportation services to get and maintain employment.

For more information about Community Action in New York, contact the New York State Community Action Association at 518-690-0491, or visit us on the web at