Gene Nichol to Narrate Tour Documentary

More than 25 communities in New York State will participate in the Tour, providing forums for engaging in discussions about poverty, inequality and the programs that have worked so well to help our most vulnerable neighbors. We will give voice to people who have lived in poverty and from them we will learn about the reality of their lives and experiences.  We will confront misconceptions about poverty and we will identify barriers that have kept low income people from climbing the ladder of success.  We will celebrate success stories.

In partnership with the award winning production company, Hudson River Film and Video, we are documenting the tour, beginning in April with Sister Simone Campbell, of the Nuns on the Bus and continuing over the next several months as the Tour makes its way to communities in every corner of the state. We are confident that the stories we hear will inspire the next generation to join the War on Poverty and to dedicate themselves to winning a battle that President Johnson said five decades ago, the richest nation on earth can, and must, win.

And now we are very pleased to announce that Gene R. Nichol, who is the Boyd Tinsley distinguished professor of law and Director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina will narrate this documentary. Click on the play button below to view Gene speaking at Action for a Better Community, Rochester NY.